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Everdure gas heater service — delivered by the professional team at New Life Plumbing

If you’re looking for an Everdure gas heater service near you, we provide Everdure gas heater repairs and maintenance in Sydney and the surrounding area. You can rely on New Life Plumbing to repair any issues or keep your Everdure heater working as it should.

Never service your Everdure heater yourself — call on the professionals and let us handle it for you.

Our Everdure gas heater services

Discover more about our Everdure gas heater maintenance and repair services in Sydney and beyond.

Cleaning your Everdure heater

We remove any build-up from within your heater components, helping it remain in full working order for longer.

Everdure component inspection and maintenance

We inspect your Everdure heater’s components, from fans and fuses to solenoid valves and burner chambers, so that we can conduct crucial Everdure gas heater maintenance work.

Everdure component repairs

If any of your Everdure heater components are damaged, you can rely on us to fix them. Where possible, we will complete professional repair work or replace the part or component if it cannot be fixed.

Everdure assembly and installation

We offer professional assembly services after repair and maintenance on your Everdure gas heater. This way, our customers can have full peace of mind when using it.

Testing and gas leak detection for your Everdure heater

We will test your Everdure heater, making sure it is working properly. We will also ensure no potentially dangerous carbon monoxide releases from the unit.

The Everdure heaters we handle

These are just a few of the Everdure heaters we service. If you don’t see your heater on this list, give us a call.

  • Everdure Commander
  • Everdure Crusader
  • Everdure Lancer

Book your Everdure gas heater service today — across Sydney and beyond

Don’t leave anything to chance — book your Everdure heater service today and discover what our professionals can do for you.

Remember, never try to repair your Everdure heater yourself. Simply call on the New Life Plumbing team.


If your Everdure gas heater is not working, or if you feel it is not delivering the heat it should be, try turning the unit off and then on again. In some cases, this may fix the problem, but if the problem persists, you will need to get the heater serviced. Never attempt to service your Everdure heater yourself.

There are many potential reasons why a malfunctioning Everdure gas heater may turn off unexpectedly. The problem could be due to a problem with the thermocouple that prevents the heater from staying lit, or it could result from an issue in the gas supply. If these problems persist, you should get your Everdure heater serviced. Do not try to service the Everdure heater yourself.

If your Everdure heater button becomes completely stuck and will not move, a simple service can put this right. Only allow a qualified professional to service your Everdure heater.

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