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Rinnai gas heater services and maintenance — delivered by professionals in your area

Are you wondering, “Is there a Rinnai gas heater service near me?” Call our team for Rinnai gas heater services and repairs in Sydney

Never attempt to service your Rinnai heater yourself — simply let the New Life Plumbing professionals know, and we’ll handle your Rinnai service for you, with leading-quality customer service from start to finish.

Our Rinnai gas heater maintenance services

Our Rinnai gas heater services in Sydney are costed upfront, so there are no hidden surprises.


Sometimes your Rinnai heater components will need cleaning to keep your unit running as it should. Our professionals can take care of this for you.

Component inspection and Rinnai heater maintenance

We conduct a careful inspection of your Rinnai heater components. If required, we carry out Rinnai gas heater repairs on your heater.

Assembly and installation

You can count on us to reassemble and reinstall your Rinnai heater, ensuring it meets all relevant specifications and regulations.

Testing and gas leak detection

Leave it to us to handle carbon monoxide testing for your Rinnai heater, providing maximum peace of mind.


If required, we can convert your Rinnai heater to run on LPG or natural gas.

The Rinnai models we handle

We can service any of the following Rinnai heater models.

  • Rinnai Avenger
  • Rinnai Dynamo
  • Rinnai Enduro
  • Rinnai Cosyglow
  • Rinnai Econoheat
  • Rinnai Granada
  • Rinnai Titan
  • Rinnai Graduate
  • Rinnai Galaxie

Get in touch with New Life Plumbing and book your Rinnai gas heater service in Sydney

Don’t try to handle any Rinnai gas heater maintenance, repair or service work yourself. Instead, call out our Rinnai gas heater repair specialists to enjoy a lifetime guarantee on all our work.


Rinnai error code 11 signifies an ignition failure. Check the gas supply is connected and turned on. Turn the Rinnai unit off and on again. It may take multiple tries to resolve the problem, but the heater will need servicing if the issue persists after the unit is turned off and on four times.

If you see Rinnai error code 12, this means incomplete combustion. Check that the unit’s gas supply is connected and turned on. Turn the Rinnai unit off and then turn it back on. Try this four times. If the problem persists after the fourth try, you must get your heater serviced.

Rinnai error codes will help you diagnose any problems with your gas heater. Some are minor and can be easily put right — others mean it needs a Rinnai service.

  • In the event of Rinnai error code 3, ensure the appliance is on level ground, upright, and stable.
  • Clean the unit’s filters for Rinnai error codes 10 and 14, ensuring the room is well ventilated.
  • Try turning the unit off and on for Rinnai error codes 11 and 12 again.
  • For Rinnai error code 73, reset the unit by pressing the ON/OFF button twice.

If errors persist in all these instances, you will require a Rinnai gas heater service.

You must get your Rinnai gas heater serviced for all other error codes.

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