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Vulcan heater services and repairs — we are the experts you need in Sydney

Never try to handle Vulcan gas heater servicing yourself. Instead, call upon our team of experts and let us take care of your Vulcan heater service for you.

If you’re wondering, “is there a Vulcan gas heater service near me?” look no further. When you choose us, you’ll enjoy a lifetime guarantee — that’s how confident we are in the Vulcan gas heater services we provide.

Our customer experience is also excellent. The New Life Plumbing team is with you every step of the way — from when you reach out to us for a Vulcan heater service, to completing your project and beyond — our experts put you and your needs first.

Our Vulcan gas heater services

Take a look at what you can expect from our Vulcan gas heater services in Sydney and the surrounding area. Don’t see the service you need? No problem, just reach out and get in touch. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Annual Vulcan heater checkups

Your Vulcan heater needs a maintenance checkup on an annual basis, and we are the team to provide this.

Inspections for your Vulcan heater

We have the knowledge and expertise required to provide thorough inspections for your Vulcan heater’s components.

Vulcan component cleaning, maintenance, repair and replacement

Our Vulcan gas heater repair services include cleaning, maintaining, repairing and replacing components as required.

Vulcan reconnection and installation

Once our services are complete, we will reconnect and reinstall the Vulcan unit.

Gas leak testing on the Vulcan unit

We thoroughly test your Vulcan heater, checking for gas leaks such as carbon monoxide.

Book your Vulcan gas heater service today

Reach out to the New Life Plumbing team and book your Vulcan heater service and repair today. Our prices are delivered upfront, so there’s no nasty surprise for you! Never service the Vulcan unit yourself — our experts will take care of this for you.

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